About Us

Our philosophy is simple.

We want to empower our clients to make informed decisions regarding their pet’s health. We are committed to doing this by providing thorough, comprehensive preventative care when your pet is well and accurate diagnostics combined with clear treatment plans when your pet is ill. We will always discuss all the options. Our recommendations will always be focused on the most predictable outcome and the best quality of life for your pet. We want to be your partner in you loving your pet well.

We Care

We give back to our community through our Paws & Whiskers Fund.

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Advanced Veterinary Care

We offer unique services, including advanced dentistry, advanced imaging, behavior counseling, and mobility support via acupuncture & laser therapy.

Individualized Care

We offer personalized pet care by empowering clients through education.

We empower our clients to choose the level of services that best meet their family’s needs. From preventative examinations and services for well-pets to advanced care options for many of the most common pet diseases.

Westside Animal Hospital

General Primary Care Visits


From young pets that need an annual check-up to geriatric pets that need chronic disease monitoring, we help owners find the right treatment plan for their pet to keep them happy and healthy.

Westside Animal Hospital

Advanced Care Visits


Our advanced services include Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, Surgery, Advanced Dentistry, Trauma Treatment/Hospitalization, and more. The veterinarians at WAH consult with veterinary specialists to ensure pets receive the care they need. Referrals to local veterinary specialists are available.

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