Veterinary Referral Portal

The Veterinary Dental Clinic of North Carolina (VDCNC) is pleased to offer advanced veterinary dental care to patients across the state of North Carolina. The mission of VDCNC is to provide advanced dental services and oral surgery to pets in need and to educate providers on the latest advances in veterinary dentistry. VDCNC strives to maintain the highest standards of professional ethics, honesty and integrity as it works to fulfill its mission.

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Pre-Anesthesia Screening

For all patients a recent veterinary examination, full chemistry panel, complete blood count, and urinalysis are needed. For cats older than eight years of age, a thyroid level is also needed. Also, patients at risk for hypertension should have blood pressure measurements obtained. If patients have had a history of unexplained weight loss, then chest radiographs and abdominal ultrasound may be recommended before anesthesia.